The moka pot which makes the espresso

My moka pot is special, I can make coffee like that in the coffee shop.

brikka bialetti

Time ago we bought a “almost” traditional aluminum coffee maker. We had various 3 cup and 1 cup coffee pots, but we needed the middle ground: a 2 cup moka pot.

At home two of us have coffee and this was the moka pot we missed and which was right for us.

We saw a Bialetti coffee pot, very similar to the classic model, but with a patented valve on the delivery column: it intrigued us and we decided to buy it.

This coffee maker is called Brikka.

We tried it a bit distrustful, and we remained very impressed, the coffee it makes is creamy, intense, thick, short, looks like an espresso!
Even my dad, having tasted coffee, wanted a Brikka in gift!

At the top of the moka the maximum (cold) water level to be inserted is indicated (which should then be poured into the bottom  of the pot). The quantity of water is much lower than that of the classic moka pot.

Among other things, it is much faster than the other moka pots: in a moment the coffee is ready. Thanks to the double pressure, the coffee is delivered in half the time.

As soon as you hear the coffee muttering on the fire, switch off the stove, pour into the cup and savor it!

The reduced amount of water introduced, together with the greater concentration of coffee, transform the classic Moka coffee into an espresso in all respects.
Savor to believe!

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