About me

When I browse a blog, I’m always curious to know who’s behind that website.

I like to know more about the author of the blog, about the person, to decrease the distance that the computer screen creates.

And now it’s my turn, I would like to tell something about me.

First of all I have tried to make a sketch of me, I’m hopeless at drawing and this is the best I could do.Clelia B

As you have understood, my name is Clelia and I come from the Italian region called Marche. I am proud to be born and raised in my beloved Marche, a small region full of treasures.

Over the years I traveled and lived abroad, I was in England, Spain and Portugal. Then one day I decided to go home and here I am!

I’ve inherited the passion for food (I guess it is in my genes)!

I’ve always watched and helped my mom, my grandmothers and my aunts in the kitchen: who with the rolling pin, who with fish or vegetables, who with cakes and cookies, there was always something to learn in the kitchen!

Passion has grown over the years and today I have taken the place of my grandmothers who are both passed away. I am the only one in my family, of my generation, who has inherited the passion for cooking, all my cousins have inherited the passion for the good food .. to eat, they are all gourmets!

My studies (master and other courses in Italy and abroad) and my work have taken the direction of food and wine, of local and and sustainable excellence: there is so much to discover and promote in our Italy.

In short, as you have understood, my life revolves around the food and wine culture and my kitchen, which is the room of the house where I spend most of my time!

Welcome to my blog, please take a seat and make yourself at home.

I hope you do not rush, there is a slice of freshly baked cake waiting on your table ..

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